Personal Import – dream becomes reality

Whether we are building a new business or a house or simply to renovating , we know this can be quite a headache, which may also be reflected in budget.

Starting from the floors , wall coverings, furniture and  lighting –  It seems that the list of things to pay for  just will not end.

when the list has been closed, we are ready for the next mission, we find out that face two options – to increase the budget, or unfortunately give up some things we wanted to purchase .

Sometimes we have to settle just because we could not find the right
pavement we dreamed about, or the couch that we imagined ourselves resting on after a long day at  work.

That is why in the recent years the trend of personal import, and importing from China in particular personal mounting. Personal Import is the perfect solution for those who want to regenerate everything imaginable – without going into debt.

Imagine a place where you will find everything you ever dreamed about for your house. Dinner table in all colors and sizes, beautiful chairs and armchairs as if begging for sitting on them, at any level of finish flooring, and every conceivable material and lighting that can fit perfectly to where you want it to be.

Personal import makes this dream – a reality, in China there are hundreds of shopping centers and exhibitions, each with dozens of large buildings in which you will find products in any color and size, which are made from any material you like, and in different kind of finish levels and quality  – all prices are 50% less than you’d find in your country.

After all it is something which will remain with you for life, or at least the next 10-15 years. It’s your house, your children will live in the house in the future, maybe even their decision to renovate the business. You really want to get up one day and regret not having bought the marble that you love because the budget was not large enough?

Or that’ve compromised armchair that is not so comfortable because you have not found anything better? So why hesitate, if you can just import?

It is complicated you’re probably saying, China is big !

It is almost halfway around the world, and how will we know that no one is cheats us?

This is where our group “Casa Nuova”, get into the picture. We will accompany you every purchase process, imports, and even transportation.

“Casa Nuova” has an ongoing relationship with the best suppliers and factories in China, and together with you we will select the products that suit you.

The import process will start with an early planning and budgeting the project, along with the delivery schedule, continue to make the orders of the selected products,making the quality control, import them to your country and install them in your home.

In addition, you can plan a flight with us to China, from the purchase of tickets, through a meeting with a company representative who lives in China and will accompany you to get the impression and acquisition from china, and will help you when you return to your country and ordering the selected products.

Personal Import has never been easier  and cheaper.

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